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Sunday, March 31


Easter Worship Service

You will hear the story of Easter told through dramatic readings of Scripture interwoven with powerful and uplifting music, ending with a brief message about our only Hope in Jesus from Pastor Michael. 

Sunday, March 31 


Easter Connection Groups 

Enjoy light refreshments as everyone, children to adults meeting in small groups to learn how they can practically have hope in their every day lives. 

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An Event to Celebrate

O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? 1 Corinthians 15:55


There is something deeply meaningful about coming together in a powerful worship service to celebrate the historic Bible fact of Jesus Christ’s victory over death. Because he lives, we live. His victory can be our victory.


His life defeats death. His love defeats hate. His forgiveness defeats shame. His compassion defeats indifference. His Hope defeats despair.

Music & Story to Inspire

The uplifting sounds and powerful words from the vocal ensembles  will draw your heart and attention to the life-giving truth of the Resurrected Savior.


Hear the Easter story, told like never before! Told through a delightful and simple narrative for all ages, you will learn of  a Rescuer that gives eternal hope and real relationship.

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A Message to Encourage

The truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is more than a simple historic fact to know. From Pastor Michael DeLeon, you will hear a clear and engaging Bible message. You will understand what the Bible says about Jesus Christ and His Resurrection and why it matters to you.

Spread the Word

Help us get the word out for Easter at Southport.

We’ve created an Easter Invite Toolkit for you to get the word out to your friends. Click the Toolkit button to access the full package.



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