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Sundays at 9AM, 10:30AM, 5:30PM


What We Offer


0 - 3YRS



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Our Children’s Sunday School at 10:15AM (0yrs old -  6th grade) begins Sunday mornings at 10:30 am. These classes exist to train our children to grow in their love for God and to mature as disciples of Christ. Our trained and caring teachers provide students the opportunity to learn more about their great God by teaching Bible curriculum that seeks to incorporate the entire redemptive message of Scripture. On Wednesdays, we offer Truth Trackers (K-6th grade), an exciting Children’s Discipleship program that teaches your children to learn more about the character of God through Scripture memory.

What We Teach

  • The curriculum covers the entire Bible throughout the age-graded classes of Sunday School. 

  • Catechisms-like questions answered with a Bible verse on the characteristics of God

  • Children may receive materials to take home for personal study and parent interaction

What To Expect

  • Friendly and engaging teachers

  • Interactive & exciting, fun classes

  • Opportunities for long-lasting friendship



0 - 3 Years Old

Whether you are a visiting family or a regularly attending family, we are so happy to offer you our nursery ministry in any way that will help you!


The nursery room in use is always staffed with a minimum of either two adults or one adult and one capable teen. In addition, we ensure the nursery is cleaned and staffed properly each week. Seeing little ones begin to learn about God and His plan for them in a safe, clean, and nurturing environment is the vision of our nursery ministry! 


Nursery Staff & Security

We are very careful who we allow to serve in our nursery. Our nursery staff is comprised of members in our church who have been screened carefully via a background check and an interview process. We take great care for the safety of the children entrusted to us during all service times that the nursery is open. Our nursery uses the Planning Center Check-In System so your child will only be returned to you and you alone.


What to Bring

For infants and one-year-olds, we have space to store a diaper bag in the nursery room, if you choose to bring one. Please label bottles, cups, and other accessories with tape provided at the check-in counter. If you are a parent of a two- or three-year-old child and you do choose to bring a diaper bag, please leave a diaper/pull-up with the nursery staff and hang your bag on the hooks outside the door. For all children who will be attending regularly, we will designate a small bin with his/her name in our diaper changing area. Parents may give the nursery staff several diapers/pull-ups or other small necessary items (i.e. rash cream or a change of clothes for potty trainers) to stock the bin. Nursery staff will inform parents when they should bring more.



3 - 6 Years Old

Calling all preschoolers! Get ready for some fun Bible songs, amazing Bible stories to tell your mommy and daddy, exciting crafts to bring home, and verses to learn from the Bible. Excited teachers are waiting for your arrival so they can share important truths from the Bible such as obedience, sharing, being kind, and best of all, who Jesus is! 


All of our teachers and assistants are interviewed, screened, and trained to make this a safe and exciting environment for you so your mommy and daddy can enjoy one of our Connection Groups and church services.



Kindergarden - 6th Grade

Sunday School (Sundays @ 10:30AM

Your child will enjoy their small group Sunday school classes at 10:30, during our regular worship services. They will enjoy crafts, games, and a fun Bible lesson with other kids their age.

TRuth Tracker lOgo.png

Truth Trackers (Sundays at 5:15PM)

Your child will love Truth Trackers! Truth Trackers uses Bible Memory, Bible Devotions, and Bible Lessons to help children lock in Truth and live out faith!

Visiting Southport Kidz

What you can do.

Register Your Children

Make your first visit 

easier by registering your

children ahead of time. 

Come as a Family

Come early so you can check-in and make it to the service with ease. Say hello at the Welcome Center. We will help you find your child’s classes and introduce you to the teachers. 

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