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6:00PM - 8:30PM

A four-night, one-of-a-kind, free summer event!

Adventure Camp is a four-night summer event that is free for the entire community to enjoy. Each night from 6:00-8:30 pm, your kids 0 - 12 years old* will enjoy an hilarious drama, exciting Bible lessons, and an outdoor carnival complete with games, a bouncy house, prizes, and free food. At the same time, Teens and Adults will be encouraged being a part of various small group Bible Studies. Register now & bring the entire family to Adventure Camp! 

Southport Kidz | Southport Baptist Church | Kenosha, WI
Southport Kidz | Southport Baptist Church | Kenosha, WI

Hilarious Entertainment
& Epic Competition


Exciting Bible
Lessons & Songs


Adult & Teen


Family Carnival
Prizes & Free Food

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SBC_2024AdventureCamp_Ladies ProgramLogo.png

Ladies, please join our free 4-day opportunity to be refreshed and recharged as we reflect on the deep love that Jesus has for us and how this love enables us to love those around us.


Each practical workshops are created to encourage and offer practical help from God’s Word. Enjoy delicious refreshments too! Register early and bring a friend!


*If a guardian or parent attends, free full childcare program is available for 0 - 4yrs

Ladies Progrm

All men are invited to join us for a time of encouragement, refreshments, and practical tips from God’s Word to help you be a better husband, dad, and man!

Mens Program


For any questions, call or text (262) 425-0130.

  • Do I need to pre-register?
    Pre-registration is not a requirement, but will save you a lot of time on your arrival! If you register early, we can even send you a digital QR code to make the check-in and check-out process crazy fast. Pre-registration will save you time at enrollment and helps us ensure that Adventure Camp starts on time! Please help us plan by registering even if you think you may not be able to attend.
  • What time does Adventure Camp start?
    Adventure Camp begins every night at 6PM. Registration will open up at 5:30PM. Our Southport Kidz staff will direct you and your child registered and to the right place.
  • What time does Adventure Camp end?
    At 8:30PM!
  • Where do I drop off my children?
    We will have people in our parking lot to point you in the right direction! Our Southport Kidz staff will guide you to the registration tables inside the auditorium area. Please bring your child to registration!! Important information, such as emergency contact, will be needed. Also, every parent/guardian will be given a unique pick-up code. For safety reasons, please use the code provided to check out your child from Adventure Camp. After registration, your child will sit with their team and team leader until 6:00PM. They will be highly entertained while they wait for Camp to start. We have a full program for Ladies as well as Men! We encourage you to stay and be a part of Adventure Camp!
  • Where do I pick up my children?
    Simple! The same place you dropped them off in the auditorium! Be prepared to give your unique code to check out your child!
  • How much does Adventure Camp cost?
    Adventure Camp is free to your children and any of their guests! There is an optional competition, called the Penny Parade. Campers may bring pennies to compete between the boys and the girls to see who can bring the most pennies. Campers can also purchase shirts for $15!
  • Is it okay if we can't make it every night?
    Absolutely! We would love to see your child every night possible, but we understand the busyness of the modern family schedule, including late nights. Each day, your child will be earning tickets to exchange and use at the Thursday Night Family Fun Fair! They may have fewer tickets, but that will not stop them or hinder them in participating in Adventure Camp or having a blast at the Family Fair.
  • Do my children need to bring anything?
    Although they may be asked to wear or bring things to earn points, your child is not required to bring anything to participate.
  • Who can come to the Family Fun Fair!
    Anyone! Moms, Dads, Teens, Children, Grandparents, Neighbors, and even your friends! On July 18 at 6PM, listen to your children sing the songs they have learned all week, watch the hilarious conclusion of the daily drama, and be encouraged by a 20min Gospel message. Then join the whole Crew at the Family Fun Fair, complete with a free meal and a bounce house!
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Hosted by Southport Baptist Church

13266 Wilmot Rd. Kenosha, WI 53142

Southport Baptist Church is located off exit 345 on I-41 off Highway C West, otherwise none as Wilmot Rd. You'll see flags out by the road, as well as our digital sign! As you pull in, our staff will help you find an open parking spot and lead you to Camper Registration!

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